TD Printed glass Balustrade

Who said that railings cannot be fun? At Transparent Design we have imagined a life of colour, shapes, and joy. With our latest technology printer, that uses ceramic ink, we can print on glass any pattern, image, or figures, in any colour you can imagine, with various degrees of opacity.

The glass printed with ceramic ink is subsequently secured at temperatures above 600° C, the colours fusing in the surface of the glass forever, thus acquiring special properties, namely increased resistance to high temperatures, UV radiation, humidity, and abrasion.

Special properties

Resistance to high temperatures

Resistance to UV radiation

Resistance to humidity

Resistance to abrasion

For outdoor railings, we have used printed glass tempered, laminated (8.2.8 mm).

We can print on any type of glass, with dimensions up to 6000 x 3000 mm, from 4 mm to 19 mm thick.

So if you imagine your railings with geometric shapes, cartoons, birds, trees, beach, trains or flowers, we can print it for you.

Various project views