Movable Glass Walls

TRANSPARENT DESIGN manufactures on demand glass walls using tempered float glass, of various thicknesses and finishes, with customized dimensions adapted to your project, but also laminated glass with high acoustic properties.

Movable glass walls represent an intelligent solution for easy access from the outside to the inside, with a high degree of flexibility since they can be partially or completely closed. Thus, you can benefit from large areas for various meetings or receptions, but also from an efficient compartmentalization of the interior space with total transparency or perfect privacy, with a high sound insulation, depending on the needs.

Movable glass walls can be used in various applications: shops and commercial areas, hotels, cafes, office spaces, but also in your homes, the systems having easy manoeuvrability. The walls can be provided with glass access doors, thus ensuring easy access even when the wall is fully closed.

Enclosing terraces or balconies with the help of movable glass walls is a suitable solution, both functionally and aesthetically. It ensures the necessary comfort depending on the weather, while maintaining brightness and visibility.

Various project views
Various project views