Glass Walls

Transparent Design can provide float tempered glass, in various thicknesses, sizes or finishes and for a better noise comfort level, laminated glass with improved acoustic performance.

Glazed walls offer not only a more effective use of natural sunlight, airiness and transparency but also versatile solutions for space dividing in both commercial and domestic areas. A meeting or working area can be easily and effortlessly integrated in an open space, using glass partitions (with or without a doors) or a movable glass wall, available only when needed.

Any Colour & Design

With an extensive range of available, glass can be used to create extremely attractive visual effects:

  • For clear lines and full-view transparency, we can use ultra clear (low iron) glass combined with colored glass to create a bright atmosphere;
  • For bath or dressing partitioning systems, we provide frosted glass, colored glass in any shade to RAL reference or laminated glass.
  • For sophisticated designs, we can use coated or digitally printed glass with images, landscapes, different textures, company names and logos.
Various project views
Various project views