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Let’s introduce ourselves:

The story of TRANSPARENT DESIGN started in 2005 committed to promote on flat glass market a new approach of company-client relationship, by offering high-quality products and services within the production and installation deadlines.

In the beginning, TRANSPARENT DESIGN especially addressed to indoor design projects, 90% of performed production served for its own projects. To preserve a high-quality standard of products, we realized that this involved investments in glass processing machines. So, we have been investing a lot in new, modern equipment from leading suppliers, focusing also on extending the production capacity and the range of our glass products as laminated tempered glass, enameled glass, and ceramic digital printing.

New Technologies and Accuracy

Thus, TRANSPARENT DESIGN becomes the largest plain glass processer in Romania, executing the entire range of processing with own machines: cutting, CNC processing, enameling, and ceramic digital printing, laminating and TEMPERING.

Our main machines

Below you can find a brief description of the main machinery and equipment used in glass processing:

Glass Cutting

2 automatic cutting machines BOTTERO 2016 and 2018, for both PVB glass and monolithic glass JUMBO size 6000×3210 mm, included automatic loading and fully integrated LOW –E grinding.

Edge polishing equipment:

BAVELLONI VE-500 V10 (2017) – an automatic line, enabling us to process the edge at variable angles from 0 ° to 45 °.

Two double edger lines that polish the edge of glass panels in a single pass.
BAVELLONI HE500 (2019)

CNC machines:

BAVELLONI CNC NRG 420 Power Jet (2019) designed to accurately process flat glass in unique shapes and custom cuts 4500 x 2500 MM.

Vertical Working Centers – which allow us to automatically process JUMBO panels with max. dim. 6000 x 3200 mm, accurately performing all necessary operations: edge processing, drilling, cutting.

CMS PROFILE 5028 SX (2016)
CMS PROFILE 7032 SX (2019)
CMS PROFILE 7032 SX (2020)
CMS VERTEC MILL 3222 SX (2018) executing automatically and fast the holes and the cuttings.

CMS Brembana Easyline (2020) – CNC Water jet cutting technology – is a superior and accurate cutting technology, which helps execution of holes and cutouts, special shapes of glass panels or other materials (stone, metal).

The demand of painted glass increased more and more, and to satisfy this, we procured a professional enameling / painting roller coating line including the drying furnace, with a capacity of about 100 m painted glass / hour. To decrease the manufacturing time, and due to the quality issues, we faced, we decided, in 2016, to procure our own toughening furnace TAMGLASS (5000X2400 mm). And we didn’t stop here.

Regarding the raw material, we work only with the best quality glass from reputable suppliers such as SAINT GOBAIN, AGC, GUARDIAN and we always have special glass on stock: low iron glass, colored glass (bronze, grey, dark grey) or Matelux (frosted).

We employ highly qualified people, with valuable expertise in processing flat glass. Our 8000 m² manufacturing space is equipped with modern tools and equipment, allowing us to reach the most demanding finishes and the most complex manufacturing, always with the best quality.

TRANSPARENT DESIGN obtained the certification of the quality insurance system ISO 9001 in 2017, and in May 2020 received the BSI Kitemark™ BS EN 12150 for tempered glass. This entails an external recognition to the total quality management and continuous improvement system of the organizational process of our company.

Glass processing services

Glass has recently become an interior design element used and appreciated because of its qualities. Elegant and translucent, glass is the perfect solution not only for residential applications, but also for commercial office buildings, adding style and sophistication to a modern space.

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