Glass partitions

Transparent Design provides you with a diversified range of tempered glass and laminated glass with high acoustic properties, to meet contemporary architectural requirements, namely the creation of modern work environments, ensuring both transparency and integrity of delimited spaces.

The classic glazed compartments are composed of tempered glass of various thicknesses 8-12 mm, depending on the fastening system and the opening of the walls.

For the ‘OFFICE’ type partitions, in recent years the switch has been made to partitions with double glass, for an improved acoustic performance. Depending on the structure and type of the two windows used (laminated, acoustic, or monolithic), the noise inside a workspace or in a meeting room can be significantly reduced.

LAMINATED GLASS with acoustic film is a current solution for partitions, regardless of whether we are talking about office buildings or private residences and can be used both in single glazing and in double glazing.

Acoustic laminated glass increases the average acoustic insulation performance – expressed in Rw (EN ISO 713) – by 3 db compared to classic laminated windows and by 5 db compared to simple tempered glass panes of the same thickness.


For ‘office’ type partitions, Transparent Design has the ability to cover various requirements:

  • Integration of any logo model through digital printing;
  • Provision of fully frosted glass to ensure visual privacy;
  • For more sophisticated designs, making ceramic printed glass partitions to display images and graphic models.
Various project views
Various project views