Coloured Glass Cladding

Coloured glass cladding is a common trend in interior design- a fast and modern alternative to traditional tiling. Besides the decorative characteristics, there are also various practical advantages of glass wall cladding such as being easy to install and to clean and having a limited number of joints that do not need grouting.

Walls can be covered with 4-10 mm thick coloured glass (toughened glass for multiple cut-outs and holes), in a wide range of colours to RAL reference. We can design creative images by combining glass with light.

Painted glass is ideal for wet areas as the colour does not fade if it is appropriately applied, using high quality materials. Therefore, different areas can be covered with glass such as: bathroom walls, kitchen splashbacks and worktops, but also heavy traffic areas in retail buildings or offices (office reception areas, hallways, bars).

Processing coloured glass

We manufacture bespoke coloured glass according to your requirements, to RAL colour reference and the size of the designed area. . We typically recommend “Ultra clear” low iron glass for coloured glass panels as it is more optically clear, allowing the true colour of the paint to show through the glass without discolouration.

The colored glass can be enameled or cold painted in any RAL color, and has specific properties according to the technological process and the type of used paint.

The thickness of the coloured glass panels that we manufacture ranges from 4 to 25 mm, depending on its use, finished with highly polished and bright edges, straight or round. The coloured glass used is heat and impact resistant. Prior to the tempering and colouring process, the glass can be cut and drilled to accommodate surface fixings such as electrical sockets, appliances and taps. Glass worktops can be manufactured in different shapes, thanks to CAD drawing and high precision CNC cutting technology.

Various project views