Glass Enameling

Today, painted glass is an ideal element to give color. AThus, painted glass is used especially for wall cladding in the public spaces (front desks, restaurants, shops) or in residential areas (bathrooms, working premises, living rooms) and it is a design element frequently used at the execution of the glass furniture (table tops, shelves, glass doors, decorations, etc…).

Our glass factory has a professional glass painting line – ROLLMAC MULTIGLASS 2600/3 , consisting in a ROLLER coating machine for the paint application, together with a drying furnace contributing to an increased productivity, respectively the production of about 60 sqm of colored glass / hour.

The colored glass can be enameled or cold painted in any RAL color, and has specific properties according to the technological process and the type of used paint.

The glass enameling process is used for the obtaining of the enameled glass. This procedure consists in the uniform application of ceramic paint onto the glass surface by means of the roller coating machine, immediately followed by the glass tempering process. Thus, the applied paint layer becomes much more resistant and has a uniform appearance.

Also, through the glass tempering process, an increased mechanical resistance is provided in case of breaking and a guaranteed stability to the color.

Due to the enameling technology process, the glass can be used both in indoor and outdoor designs, becoming an element more frequently used by architects and designers.

Also, the enameled glass can also be laminated (the color on the inside of the layered glass), which provides an increased resistance to the color, thus its utility on the outside applications.

Enameled glass applications:

  • external facades of the buildings
  • banisters
  • outdoor/interior wall paneling
  • glass walls and glass doors
  • it can be used as an element of insulated glass for windows (to obtain an optimal solar comfort)

For the execution of certain more sophisticated templates, the glass can be printed digitally with ceramic ink, obtaining a large amount of images, textures, signs, etc..

The colored glass is made under order in our factory according to your requirements. The glass panels can be painted in a large range of colors according to the RAL pallet using the special water paints. For the light and demanding colors, we recommend the choice of an ‘ultraclear’ glass having in its composition a low iron content softening the greenish tone of the normal glass which can affect the appearance of the chosen color.

Depending on the sizes and use, such as the case of the mechanical clamping, the glass can be tempered before being painted. Usually, such glass is used for indoor design.

Various project views